Custom Nicknames' Methodology

In addition to their creativity, the staff of Custom Nicknames utilizes literary references, hip hop lingo, pop culture references, encyclopedic knowledge of rare plants and animals, American Indian lore, copious amounts of alcohol, and the occasional outside consultant to come up with totally awesome nicknames. When stumped, they break out their Ouija Board and consult the spirits that reside on the ethereal plane.

Expect the unexpected. Prepare for surprise. Brace yourself for a nickname that exceeds your expectations, validates your very being, reinforces your sense of self-worth, and inspires envy in your peers. The nickname they choose for you will always be perfect, incredible, and timeless.

Your new nickname will arrive within two weeks, including an official certificate with your new nickname to post in your office cubicle, as well as a "Hello My Name Is....." sticker for you to wear proudly. You will also receive a short/detailed letter explaining how this nickname was determined.


How Xavier McDaniel Became X-Man

Hi. My name is Xavier McDaniel. I used to be a basketball star in the NBA. You probably remember me for my cameo in the movie Singles. People liked that. It was cool.

Back in the day, when I was a little baller coming up, people called me Rusty. Don't know why. It was stupid. Ain't nothing rusty about me. I didn't like being called Rusty. Tried to make people call me Mickey-D. I don't know why. I painted a lot of houses in the summer. Maybe the fumes messed me up. Who knows?

So then I go to college and play basketball and I'm good. Then I go pro. I'm pretty good. My name is Xavier. Nobody calls me Rusty. Nobody calls me Mickey-D. The sports writers don't know what to call me. They call Custom Nicknames. Dudes there tell them to call me "X-Man." Suddenly I'm an icon. I'm on posters. I'm appearing in movies. It was dope. People still be calling me X-Man. My mom calls me X-Man. It just sounds good. I'm cool with it. Thanks Custom Nicknames.

Great Basketbal Nicknames

Glen Davis – Big Baby
Chris Andersen – Birdman
Walt Chamberlain – The Big Dipper
Sam Perkins – Big Smooth
Kobe Bryant – Black Mamba
Allen Iverson – The Answer
Dwayne Wade – Flash
John Brockman – The Brockness Monster
Toni Kukoc – The Croation Sensation
Travis Outlaw – Catfish
Clyde Drexler - Clyde the Glide Drexler
Dennis Rodman – The Worm
Xavier McDaniel – X-Man
Stephon Marbury – Starbury.
Hakeem Olajuwon – Hakeem the Dream
Larry Bird – The Hick from French Lick, Larry Legend
Darryl Dawkins – Chocolate Thunder
Pete Maravich – Pistol Pete
Shawn Kemp – The Reignman
Charles Barkley – The Round Mound of Rebound
Fred Brown – Downtown Freddie Brown
Kevin Durant – Durantula
Earl Manigault – The Goat
Dominique Wilkins – The Human Highlight Film
Vernon Maxwell – Mad Max
Earvin Johnson – Magic Johnson
George Gervin – The Iceman
Michael Jordan – Michael “Air” Jordan
Nate Robinson – Krypto-Nate
Karl Malone – The Mailman
Bill Mlkvy – The Owl Without a Vowel


Custom Nicknames = the Greatest Gift Ever

Why buy a nickname? Because nicknames are essential for any well-adjusted person. They ease the discomfort of joining new social groups by providing self-esteem and a sense of inclusion. Often given as terms of endearment, nicknames capture a person’s personality or identity far more accurately then birth names.
They also make great gifts. They delights friends, loved ones, and co-workers alike. It makes the perfect gift for the person who has everything or likes nothing. A custom nickname is the easy way out for secret Santa gifts, and they make ideal retirement, anniversary, birthday or wedding presents. You can even buy one for someone you hate and send it anonymously. If you're still unsure if a custom nickname is right for you, check out our testimonials.